5 vastausta artikkeliin “solppariehuilee. :—))”

  1. Yes he is ! <3 Well, I could try to get somebody to take some video about our training next week if I managed... :--) I have been watching yours and Elora's herding videos with feeling "woooooow". 😀

  2. 😛 ! Really I’m totally unable Evie ! Maybe, with another handler, Elora will be really great in herding too ! 🙂
    I’ll stay tune for your next videos ! 🙂

  3. Hahahaa. I could now say that Solo could be really great with another handler in any kind of sport :—-DD but keep training, its so fun with a dog, who really loves to do whatever! :–)))

  4. Cecilia: Unfortunately our videocamera was forgotten in my dad’s car, so I didn’t get it to todays training =(( So I don’t have any agilityvideo now, but perhaps later, hope so…. !


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